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Jen Veyera - Runner of the Week March 8, 2020

Name: Jen Veyera

# of Years Running: Almost 2 years

Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon: because I loved the race and how I felt after.  When I am just running, 6 miles is my favorite distance to run.

Last race: Disney Princess Half Marathon

Current Shoes: Nike Vomeros

Training For: I had just finished training for my second Disney Princess half Marathon where I would do the Fairytale Challenge of 19.3 miles when I was put in the hospital with a sports hernia and told to stop running for the time being while it rests.

Trails, Roads, or Track: I mainly run on road but love trails when I get the chance

Group runs or solo: I have always been a solo runner since I am so sllooowww lol

Longest run: 13.1 at once, 19.3 miles as a two day challenge race

Why I run: I started running to get out of a funk after a serious surgery pushed back a lot of fitness goals.  I continued running because I absolutely fell in love with it. Favorite thing about running? I run outside so I love just being outside, clearing my mind, and focusing on the journey that day.  I also love the feeling at the end of the run when you feel like you have just achieved something you thought you never could.

Favorite thing about running? The feeling of accomplishment you get from training for a run and beating your goals... keeps me coming back for more.

Best race experience: Disney Princess Half Marathon

Worst race experience: Flopping Flounder 5k – it was just way too hot.  Disney was hot too but there was so much entertainment you didn’t care.

Advice for new runners: Do NOT compare yourself to anyone else.  Go out and do what you can and every time you walk outside to run do something that makes YOU proud of YOU.

Fun Fact: When I started training for my first half marathon, I had never run even a mile before.

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