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Mat Smith - Runner of the Week January 6, 2021

Name: Mathew Smith

# of Years Running: 3.5 years. I'm a runner trapped in a hockey players body... most of my childhood was baseball and ice hockey... running was a punishment. "TAKE A LAP SMITH!"

Favorite Race Distance: Favorite during the race would be: 50-kilometers

Last race: Veterans Day 10k

Current Shoes: Hoka One One Speedgoat, Asics Nova Blast, Sketchers Go Run Horizon Vanish

Training For: Glory!

Trails, Roads, or Track: Trails..... buuuuuuut, this past spring I found myself really enjoying Track workouts.

Group runs or solo: Always better with friends, but I've been known to go way out into the wilderness alone too.

Longest run: 50 miles

Favorite thing about running? Adventure. In nature, and within myself. #deep

Why I run: I run for my Family. I mentioned I played sports as a kid, and always considered myself somewhat athletic through my twenties. as I went thru my early thirties, I was oblivious to my increasing waistline. We went ziplining one weekend, and someone pointed out that there was a weight limit, I thought nothing of it... 250lb, "no problem".... as I got on the scale I was shocked to see myself less than 10lb away from, "not allowed to do this activity with my kids". That spring, I started to get my act together. Eating clean, and weight-lifting. I dropped 60lb in about 6 months. My two young daughters, ran a few local races, and liked it, must've gotten it from their mother. I started to tag along on their training runs, and eventually they were scouted by the Osprey Cross Country Team. At those practices, again I tagged along. Found a supportive community, and it became less of a punishment. At it's core, running is a way I can be involved with my daughters lives, support my wife