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Jillian Murray - Runner of the Week December 28, 2020

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Name: Jillian Murray

# of Years Running: 12

Favorite Race Distance: Marathon

Last race: Marine Corps half marathon in Fredericksburg, 2019

Current Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Trails, Roads, or Track: Roads (or treadmill!)

Group runs or solo: 100 percent SOLO!! Sorry to my husband, but that is the truth! Need headphones on at full blast.

Longest run: 24 hour relay in Prince William Forest Park, ran with Jack and Karen Hyland, and did 7 loops at 6 miles each = 42 miles.

Why I run: To stay healthy, to zone out, to push my body to uncomfortable limits, to feel like I have accomplished something.

Favorite thing about running? Spending hours listening to music and getting into a vibe when everything is clicking.