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Julie Smith - Runner of the Week March 18, 2020

Name: Julie Smith

# of Years Running: Off and on since high school but consistently the last 4 years.

Favorite Race Distance: 50K - I love all the highs and lows you go through in that type of distance. There’s something powerful about feeling like you can’t move anymore, yet you keep going and finish. Plus you get to eat ALL the food!

Last race: ICY 8-Hr Endurance Race

Current Shoes: Road - Brooks Ghost, Trail - New Balance Hierro

Training For: My “A” race this year is the Yeti 100 miler in September. I also plan on fitting in some local 5K & 10Ks, the Marine Corp Devil Dog, and as many trail races as I can.

Trails, Roads, or Track: My love is the trail, but out of necessity I run a lot of road miles.

Group runs or solo: I mix it up a lot. My whole family runs so on the shorter runs my daughters and husband run with me. On the longer ones I’m usually solo.

Longest run: 50 miles at Dam Yeti 50 miler this past summer

Why I run: I run to stay healthy, for stress relief, to spend time with my family, and to spend time in my favorite place - the woods.