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Jessie Harris - Runner of the Week February 23, 2020

Name: Jessie Harris

# of Years Running: 20 years total— but have only been serious for about 10 years

Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon

Last race: Halloween 5k at JRSSC

Current Shoes: I love running in Adidas. Preferably Boost.

Trails, Roads, or Track: DEFINITELY roads! I trip over branches and uneven pavement CONSTANTLY so I’m always running in the street.

Group runs or solo: Solo!! But half the times I’m pushing a stroller so I’m never alone (you feel me moms?!)

Longest run: Half Marathon

Why I run: Running helps me clear my mind. I started running 20 years ago as a way to cope with being bullied as a young teenager. It’s always been recreational and therapeutic for me.

Favorite thing about running? My favorite thing about running is that running doesn’t talk back to me. I can go out and just be present with my own thoughts.

Best race experience: Running: breaking 20 mins during a 5K. Triathlon: Qualifying for Nationals

Worst race experience: The Blue and Grey half marathon 2017. I hurt my hip at mile 6ish and barely finished!!! I had to stop every mile to stretch and thought about quitting— but I pulled through. Far from a PR but I was just happy to finish.

Advice for new runners: Honestly have fun. Don’t worry about how far you’re running. Just put on your shoes, go outside and go. Run to the end of the street, then if that’s not enough, run around the block, then maybe run around the next block. Listen to your music, sprint during the chorus, walk when you want. Just move The only race that matters is the one with your mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have beat myself up for not doing well, or doing what was “expected” of me. When it becomes a “job”, then what’s the point?

Fun Fact: I am fascinated with prison documentaries but I’m can happily say I’ve never been a penitentiary resident HAHA!

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