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Josh VanMatre - Runner of the Week February 2, 2020

Name: Josh VanMatre

Age: 37

# of Years Running: I've been running consistently for over 20 years, through High School cross country and track and field and the Marine Corps, and I am still presently running.

Favorite Race Distance: 50K

Current Shoes: I switch between Hokas and Altras

Last race: Piedmont 8 Hour Trail Run

Training For: Icy 8, working up to a 12 hour Adventure Trail Run and a SwimRun

Trails, Roads, or Track: Prefer trail, it's quiet out there

Group runs or solo: Solo, starting at 4 am before work

Longest run: 34 miles

Why I run: I run in fear. Kidding, I run because it grounds me.

Favorite thing about running? It's natural and practically free, other than the shoes you put on your feet.

Best race experience: Best experiences come from each race, there is always something to gain and learn.

Worst race experience: Running the San Diego Half Marathon without properly training in my younger years.

Advice for new runners: Invest in a good pair of shoes and socks. Train in what you race in. Slower is faster when starting out. In other words...don't over train.

Cross Training: My cross training consists of swimming laps at my local YMCA, practicing meditation, Wim Hoff breathing, weight training, calisthenics, yoga and whitewater kayaking.

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